Things To Look For When Rent A Commercial Warehouse Space

Commercial warehouse space can be tricky, this checklist of items will guide the business as to what to consider when dealing with a potential new warehouse location.

This has proven helpful with many new tenants and if these points are not raised to a property manager, then the manager should discuss these points with the tenant. It’s best that all expectations are considered and managed accordingly so there is no confusion in the future.

In most scenarios inventory and offices need to be incorporated into space and this will raise several concerns. Each item in the list is valuable to discuss and often if a rating of 80% of these is covered, the warehouse space is a good match.


The location should be easy for employees, clients, freight companies and vendors to find and access. Check traffic lanes on location and in the neighborhood to be sure they are adequate. Look for a location near major roads. If you loved this posting and you would like to get much more details about Serviced Office Rental kindly stop by our site.

Who Pays for Property Maintenance?

There is not a standard for every property when leasing commercial warehouse space, so ask who pays for landscaping, plumbing repair, facility upgrades, and general maintenance.
Does the Warehouse Space for Lease fit the Budget?

Ask about additional fees for amenities. Does the rental include taxes, fees, insurance and security?

Size Matters

If you are using space for office activity, is there room for desks, equipment, fixtures and furnishing? Using a forklift or conveyor belt for pick and pull? Is there ample square footage for shelving and bins? Be sure to ask if you can downsize or increase space if your business grows or you reduce service plans.

Climate Control

Hot, humid weather requires air conditioning to provide a safe, comfortable working environment for employees.

Is the Space the Best-Fit?

Are available utilities compatible with your services? Does space allow you to easily access inventory? Can customers conveniently reach your showroom floor?

Is Access Limited?

A location with limited weekday hours won’t serve your needs If you need 24/7 accessibility.


Security is not optional. Determine what type of security is included in the rental fee and if you can hire additional security if necessary.

What About Utilities?

Utility expense should be discussed along with the contract terms and conditions when discussing commercial space for lease.

Storage Environment

Inventory storage requires air conditioning and humidity control to protect your assets. Buildings should be constructed to prevent blowing dust and debris from damaging stored inventory and equipment.

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