Thank Heaven For Tiny Women

Thank Heaven For Tiny Ladies
New music from the Broadway Musical, “Gigi”

A Latina mother will appear into the meditation chapel with her very very little lady. The lady, who seems to be to be about 10-a long time-previous, kneels with her mom. Mother brings out a prayer reserve and mother and daughter kneel shut collectively examining through from the very similar guide.

It can be tranquil, oh so tranquil. In the distance, I hear the faint hum of specific people on Montgomery Journey but in, there is pretty much practically nothing but the seem of silence. In the tranquil, a incredibly minimal woman rests her head on her mothers shoulder and whispers her prayers.

As I ponder the tranquil scene, my out-of-command thoughts will get a nosedive down, down, down, it wanders.
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Somewhere, a incredibly small lady that age is obtaining teased or bullied by a gang of schoolmates. Someplace, tiny ladies are currently being imprisoned as sexual intercourse slaves by lustful adult adult men or made to functionality fourteen-hour times in a production unit in Central The united states of america. Someplace, small ladies like this can not read from a prayer guideline or any reserve only since they are not taught to read. I shake my head and test out to dismiss the negativity.

I re-goal my discover on the minimal lady kneeling with her mama in church. She is harmless and loved and praying to the God of appreciate. I below no instances realized this minor woman but I know her. I have noticed her in my possess daughter and grand daughters, safeguarded youthful kids who have their have place, conduct with American Lady dolls and try to eat nourishing foods.

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